Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review: Angel Fire East

Angel Fire East
Angel Fire East by Terry Brooks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nice ending to the trilogy.

What this book had that was better than the first two: Villains. Sinister, creepy villains. Not the cookie-cutter bad demons from the first two. Findo Gask and Penny Dreadful were wickedly delicious. Had to love Twitch too, and the whatever-it-was shadow thing (ur'droch).

John Ross was a bit of a dud in this book though; Nest carried the show. I mean, when she was meeting with Gask and Penny, John is just standing around, leaning on his staff. What the hell, man? Are you a Knight of the Word, or what? I got a little fed up with all the "I shouldn't have come here and put you in danger" junk. No, I thought. You shouldn't have come here and stood around like a lump while Nest did all the work. Where I used to work, we had a name for someone like that: a Blister. Because they'd always show up when all the hard work was done.

Anyway, the ending had me scratching my head a bit too. Not the part with Nest, that was awesome. But again, with John Ross. I was like huh?

Well, I enjoyed the book, and the series.

Nest rules.

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