Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: Double Feature

Double Feature
Double Feature by Owen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I read this in May, but didn't write a review. I meant to.

And today I picked up the copy of a chapbook given out at a book signing. This is a series of deleted scenes and scrapbook entries. We'll, I enjoyed it and it brought back some of what I felt when reading Double Feature.

First off, Owen King has a brilliant imagination. I am fascinated with the fictional movie career of Booth Dolan, and the film industry glimpses we get of Sam Dolan as he works on his own production.

For much of this book, I was going "huh?" as I wasn't exactly sure where it was going. It seemed to shift around at will, like a Coen Brothers or Tarantino film. But that's a good thing!

As I read these little extras, I really had that impression reinforced. Four months later, and the positive feel I got when finishing this book remained, much as it does years after watching a film by one of those directors. That says something.

This is a book that I will want to read again someday. I believe that with all its little nuances and details, there will be little gems to uncover with each reading. I already felt that was happening as I read again the included "75 Things That Cause Unnecessary Fatigue" in this cool little bonus scene collection.

If this book and Owen King's first, We're All In This Together: A Novella and Stories are any indication, we can look forward to a brilliant career for the writer.

Well done, sir.

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