Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Precise by Rebecca Berto

Precise (Pulling Me Under, #0.5)Precise by Rebecca Berto
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars, but rounding up.

This isn't normally the type of book I'd pick up and read. It's what I'd call "chick-lit", for lack of a better term (but not what I'd classify as "romance"). That is, it's fiction that women read. No bullets. No zombies. No swords spilling entrails. No, definitely not a "guy book".

That said, I was drawn to try it out.

1. It was a free d/l on B&N.
2. I have the author as a GR friend.
3. She's never spammed me.
4. She promotes her work in a way that makes it seem interesting, even to a guy (me) that doesn't usually read that type of book.
5. She seems to truly appreciate when people read her stuff.
6. She just seems so nice all the time.

That said, the book itself was pretty good. It was too short to be a novel, but too long to be a short story (hence defining 'novella'). But in this in-between amount of space I found myself caring about the characters. I cared what happened to them and I cared about the resolution the story led to. I probably wanted one particular character to be hit by a bus (or zombies, bullets, swords) but that's a form of caring, right?

I'm rounding up to 4-stars because the ending was well done and I felt the emotional impact of it for Kates.

No zombies, but it was only a novella, after all. Maybe they'll be some in her full length novel that just released this week, Pulling Me Under. Sounds like a great zombie title, eh?

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