Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review: The Green God

The Green God
The Green God by L. Ron Hubbard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received an eARC copy of this through NetGalley.

I really enjoy these reissued Golden Age stories from L. Ron Hubbard, published by Galaxy Press. The presentation is great. This is the first that I've tried in ebook form though.

This one is actually two stories: "The Green God" and "Five Mex for a Million". Both deal with American military guys in China, during the 1930's. And both of these protagonists immediately get into a crap ton of mischief, using their wits and there general badass-ity to get out of trouble.

We get the expected mild sexism and racism typical to the pulp style and the time period. Nothing too out there. But we also get some fast paced action from start to finish. It keeps the reader's attention and serves as an escape in a single sitting (or two if you like to take the stories one at a time).

And who said pulp fiction couldn't teach you anything? From the second story, I learned that you could stop automatic bullet gunfire by wrapping some old blankets around yourself. Wow! But before you say the bullets might be defective, consider that I also learned you can put out a fire by shooting it.


Anyway, despite these two bad moments, I had fun reading these stories. Hubbard wasn't the greatest writer ever, but he could produce some quickly paced pulp stories.

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