Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Little Fuzzy

Little Fuzzy [Unabridged]Little Fuzzy [Unabridged] by H. Beam Piper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a decent little story that I probably wouldn't have ever read if not for John Scalzi's reboot, Fuzzy Nation. That book was just so awesome, I had to see about the source material.

Also, this audiobook was a surprise attachment to the Fuzzy Nation audiobook, so it was right there. Just press "play".

That said, this wasn't as entertaining. It was good, it's just that Fuzzy Nation was incredible. Scalzi did some things that were improvements on the original story. That said, there wouldn't even be a Fuzzy Nation if it weren't for this book.

On the audio, well. The narrator also wasn't as good as Wil Wheaton. This guy made Jack Holloway's interactions with Little Fuzzy sound like episodes of Mickey Mouse's Playhouse. Only without the "Hot Dog Song". (Don't judge me, my 1 year old grandson lives with us).

But yeah, without this, there would be no Fuzzy Nation. And just mayhap, there would have been no Ewoks either.

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