Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: Rhune

Rhune by Michael J. Sullivan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My review and rating are based on the 2nd beta version of this book; the final published edition will likely be changed a bit.

But not as much as you might think. While it will need some tweaking to give it a more polished story, this book is pretty awesome as it is now. I've been a fan of Michael J. Sullivan for a few years now, and he has never disappointed. Fans of his Riyria works will be on this book like a fat kid on a glazed donut.

What happens in this book? I won't tell. One, I don't reveal spoilers. Two, this won't be released for over a year by the time it gets the full publishing treatment - things about it could change. And third, you need to read it for yourself. Don't worry; when the final version makes it to print (and ebook, and audiobook), I'll be among the first out there purchasing a copy. And I'll read it again, happily. I'm anxious to see an "improved" final cut of this work.

And anxious for Book 2, for that matter.

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