Thursday, April 2, 2015

Review: Once Upon an Ever After

Once Upon an Ever After (Once Upon a Road Trip, #2)Once Upon an Ever After by Angela N. Blount
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here is the disclaimer that Angela N. Blount is a friend of mine on Goodreads, and that she provided me a free ecopy of this book.

I will say that I like the author's writing style quite a bit, and not just because she is my friend. Though after reading these, I would want her to be my friend if she wasn't already - the autobigraphical character in her stories really rings true, someone that I would like to know. As such, it's a character driven story and Blount's skill at bringing out her characters echoes heavily.

This was a shorter book than its predecessor, Once Upon a Road Trip. It was longer than an epilogue but shorter than a sequel of equal importance to the original story would have been. It completes the story (for now) begun in the first book and is good closure after reading that.

That said, it's not quite as engaging for me as the first book. It's just as well-written, but I think the style of third person interspersed with diary entries worked so well in that first book. This one is told entirely as a series of journal entries. It works too, just doesn't have that same movie-quality road tripping ambience. This was a little more of a romance story, where the first felt like a life-story/coming of age adventure. All of this isn't criticism, just insight as to whioh book I prefer as a reader.

Still, this was a satisfying read at a good length - not too long, and not too brief. Once more I'm impressed with Angela Blount's easy flowing, personal narrative voice. I'll be looking forward to more of her work in the future.

Angela, thank you once more for the ebook copies, and for sharing such personal moments with your readers.

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