Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: Deadpool Classic, Volume 1

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 1Deadpool Classic, Vol. 1 by Fabian Nicieza
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well, that was disappointing.

Back in the day when I regularly read X-Men comics and those about their splinter groups, Deadpool was one of my favorite supporting characters.

This is actually a good illustration as to why he made a good supporting character. That is, not a focus character.

This volume includes New Mutants #98, the first two Deadpool miniseries (The Circle Chase & Sins of the Past), and the first issue of the long-running Deadpool series.

The New Mutants issue was one I enjoyed back in the day, as it was part of the story where Cable takes over the New Mutants and transforms them into X-Force. The Rob Liefield days, yanno. Here by itself, it's disjointed. If you didn't know the story of the New Mutants, most of this comic would be confusing. It is the first appearance of Deadpool, though, and that part of it certainly fits.

The Circle Chase was boring. Lots of mercenaries chasing a secret disc with the ultimate weapon, blah blah. Lame one-liners and lots of bullets, but little substance.

Sins of the Past was more of the same: continuous fighting with bullets and one-liners. It was a little better though as there was actually a dynamic between Deadpool and Siryn.

Deadpool #1 was just horrible. Bad art and the story made no sense, jumping around and unconnected to itself. Boring as hell to boot. Had I not already gotten away from reading comics when this came out, I would have been highly disappointed.

All in all, great artwork (except that last issue) and some cool guest appearances. But not worth a lot of time, and not sparking interest in continuing the Deadpool series.

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